Campus Hiring

"Catch them young and watch them grow" seems to be the new mantra of many IT firms as a growing number is looking favorably at hiring talent straight off the campus.

Novo offers campus hiring services to IT enterprises looking to select the best IT talent in a short span of time.

Over the years, Novo has been acting like a bridge between the students and the corporate world. We have mastered the art of understanding client’s entry-level hiring requirements by conducting campus recruitments in colleges specializing in IT education.

We do campus recruitment for colleges specializing in

  • Engineering Colleges
  • Management Colleges
  • Polytechnic Campuses
  • Graduation Campuses

Our campus recruitment team will take care of advertising vacancies, screening and eventually selecting applicants for employment.

We will identify the best colleges suited for your particular needs and manage the scheduling according to the availability of dates.

Novo’s campus hiring strengths are

  • Covered 250+ colleges across several states in India
  • Campus recruitment conducted in major cities in India
  • Cordial relationships with placement coordinators of different colleges
  • Covered colleges even in Tier-II cities
  • Targeted students from different specializations such as Network Administrators, System Administrators, Desktop Support, Help Desk etc

Novo team will help you attract the right candidates and find the best fit by making your company an employer of choice and by building the value of your employment brand.

All our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.