Executive Hiring

Several business communities do not attempt to make use of services of reputed executive search house in fulfilling their CXO positions like Board Members / CEO"s / CTO"s / CFO"s / CIO"s / Country Heads / Directors / Vice Presidents, General Managers etc. It is really worth for companies, who are cost conscious, to hire the services of executive search houses, which will allow them to mange their time and financial resources efficiently / effectively, as the majority of the business"s expenses are related to HR including compensation, benefits, recruitment etc.

Usually this type of Executive search services would be on Retained mode called as Retained executive search and such houses will work with clients on an exclusive basis. As this indicates, a retained executive search consultant plays a consultative role, working with clients to define executive positions, qualifications and potential sources of talent. The consultant (also known as headhunter or executive recruiter) will also offer insights regarding the compensation package required to attract certain types of senior executives.

Over the year’s Novo has demonstrated a good track record in executive search and placement, especially in terms of average acceptance rate as well as average time to hire for most positions. We at Novo use sophisticated methods with the help of the network of contacts which is already in place and adopt in-depth assessments techniques to identify the right candidate for the CXO level positions. Our executive hiring team performs searches in all functional areas of an IT enterprise including general management and members of boards of directors. Our effective communication, excellent quality and integrity have helped Novo to set standards in the field of executive staffing extensively.

Our experience spans widely across industry segments with well built rich database of core professionals and with our intensive networking across geographical locations helps is in selecting the best fit through our finest quality staffing delivery model. Our process involves thorough research, confidential market networking, detailed screening and detailed Reference Checks on candidate(s) who have been selected for hire, before careful negotiation and the offer is formally extended to achieve a successful outcome in filling executive job with the best candidate that suits the position most. Thus we help your HR team in negotiations of the final candidate’s compensation requirements and if required, do extended background checking and assist in completing the hiring arrangements.

We provide clients with quick access to

  • The finest passive IT talent that is not "on-market" or actively seeking placements
  • Executives with not just the specific IT expertise but also with the required overall IT experience, creativity, management skills and other abilities
  • Individuals who will look at things differently, bring fresh ideas and offer a perspective that gets

Novo Benefits:

  • Broaden the scope of the search to find suitable candidates by busing a variety of mediums, locations and time frames
  • Save the time and money of preparing, designing and placing advertisement in newspapers
  • Save the time taken up answering inquiries and screening potential applicants
  • Eliminate time spent interviewing & reference checking potentially unsuitable applicants
  • Speed up the hiring process by interviewing immediately available and most suitable candidates
  • Work in complete confidence, maintaining the integrity of the client"s image in the public eye
  • Assume responsibility for notifying all unsuccessful candidates
  • Conduct personality profiling, aptitude testing and behavioral interviewing methods
  • Conduct reference checks and background checks as required
  • Assist with salary negotiations on behalf of client and candidate
  • Identify and resolve any outstanding issues

All our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.