HR Essentials

Novo helps IT enterprises maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their Human Resources (HR) department by getting the essentials right and ensures optimum service delivery to the rest of the internal personals.

We provide the following as a stand-alone service or as a combination of:

If you are in need of a new HR functional process, Novo team will help you overcome several obstacles that will crop up during process building and construct the perfect functional process for your IT firm.

Some of the areas we handle in this section are:

Our expert HR process development team studies your requirements, existing and required resources and long-term goals to formulate a tailor made HR functional process.

  • HR operations and process
  • Strategy, design, development and implementation
  • Cost improvement
  • Selection, design and implementation
  • HR Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation

Novo team helps IT organizations develop metrics to measure their HR department"s present performance against goals and objectives. We understand that metrics vary with every department or level in an organization so our team makes sure that the metrics and figures would be translated accordingly. We create workable MIS / Metrics that will eventually be the cornerstone to your HR assessment and the foundation for your overall IT business improvement.

Whether you are a start-up or an established IT enterprise, Novo can support your HR unit to formulate effective and efficient policies to govern all facets of employment within the organization. Our skilled team can write tailored policies like drug policy, records management, workplace violence, recruitment and termination, disciplinary procedures and more.

We can also help you set guidelines for all aspects of involvement within your IT enterprise that are closely aligned with your organizational culture and vision. From time to time, we can also help you review your HR policies and guidelines to maintain compliance with employment laws and accommodate organizational changes.

Novo is the leading provider of design and development of assessment that helps our IT clients to deploy efficient and effective HR recruitment, development and training system.

Our skilled HR and assessment experts help you to evaluate how a potential employee will fit in the job, recognize attributes that will keep employees engaged in their jobs and scope job requirements. You can use our assessment services to benchmark, train and coach existing employees as well.

HR Automation / Re-Engineering is not about downsizing or brining about a drastic change that does not lead the firm anywhere. It is about re-thinking HR goals, objectives and functions from all angles in order to find better ways of functioning and eliminate manual work that is not necessary. The exercise eliminates work, not jobs or people by way of automation.

Our Automation / Re-Engineering team places emphasis on strategic relevance, leadership, focus on processes, planning, effective project risk management and change management. Together with your internal HR team and top level management, through automation, we help you bring about a radical change in the way HR supports the rest of your IT organs. For more details on how Novo can help you on automation, contact us or please write to