Help Desk

Many small to medium sized IT firms do not have a full-time HR department but the paradox is that all enterprises needs to have multiple HR point of contact for various needs, who will address the emergencies and issues of employees at some time or the other.

Novo HR Help Desk services help small and medium business owners to deal with their employee’s issues and questions in the absence of an in-house HR unit.

Our HR staff provides your employees - internal customers a pleasant, satisfying help desk experience. This helps your firm to increase responsiveness and ultimately build a reputation of providing quality service to your employees.

Novo Help Desk components include:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Online trouble ticket entry
  • On-site visits
  • Live online chat & web-based support

Novo has the ability to build customized service offerings with capabilities to support and service multiple user environments. Our services are scalable - we have the capacity to add or reduce users supported with ease.

Novo pricing schedules are clearly defined (e.g. clients only pay for calls logged) and we also possess the required flexibility to add service-level features.

Novo Help Desk Benefits:

  • Improved call monitoring, tracking & resolution
  • Quick problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Limited liability exposure
  • Tighter Security for Sensitive Information
  • Proactive employee communication
  • Coverage for vacations and other related scenarios
  • Extra resources to cover unplanned support emergencies
  • Emergency coverage during large-volume requirements

Novo HR Help Desk can significantly reduce the time and money you spend on a variety of HR issues and emergencies. Our solutions will help you in increased employee empowerment, enhanced employee productivity and improved growth in your IT business.