Over the years, Novo has built a robust reputation by sourcing to the best positions and the most talented people in the ITES business.

Novo"s ITES recruitment services strive to provide ITES clients with efficient workforce experienced in a gamut of CRM services - from inbound customer service, technical support to email/web-chat support and outbound telemarketing. Novo"s highly-skilled and experienced team efficiently supports any level of recruitment administration volume.

Our comprehensive placement services for ITES industry includes:

Our focus on ITES market allows us to better understand the challenges clients face in finding talent. When it comes to filling vacancies, our commitment ends up in sustainable results so that we have the foundation for successful, long-term business partnerships with our clients.

We adopt a stringent process to recruit high caliber candidates to our clients encompassing our specialized recruitment techniques such as Talent Mapping, Research Mapping, Executive Search, Generic Resourcing etc.