Industry Benchmarks

Every growth oriented IT enterprise relies on industry benchmarking to improve their HR department"s performance, be in par with industry standards and achieve an industry-leader position.

However, though many would like to use benchmarking as a tactic to achieve and sustain growth, many fail because their HR resources are geared for performing traditional HR functions and not advanced strategic measures like industry benchmarking.

With Novo, IT enterprises can close the gaps that are stopping them from initiating industry benchmarks in their core HR processes.

Along with our superior and skilled team, company can improve their firm"s competitiveness, productivity and ROI as well as minimize any risk factors that might crop up.

Our recruitment industry benchmarking team can help your firm to be aligned with the leading benchmarks, which in turn help you:

  • Measure contribution to business strategy
  • Develop and administer better HR policies
  • Define HR function roles and accountability
  • Determine value added from HR department
  • Identify tactical and strategic HR needs
  • Develop better succession plans
  • Initiate strategic work force plans
  • Measure the realization of objectives

Employee performance management is an area where industry benchmarking can provide a great deal of improvement. Novo team can help you come up with the right reward systems that will help you attract, motivate and retain employees.

Our employee performance benchmarking support will help you in all areas of employee management including:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Communications
  • Daily Execution

All of our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.