Market Intelligence /Trends

To make great leaps, IT enterprises need access to real-time, accurate and comprehensive market intelligence from industry peers at both a International and national / regional level.

Novo’s market intelligence services help resource strapped IT firms to gain a strategic advantage in their resource planning and to support their business decisions.

Our up-to-date market intelligence helps HR executives draw better conclusions by offering information on the latest trends and innovations in the HR domain. All our market intelligence reports and solutions are easy-to-use and customizable to individual client needs.

It helps you in obtaining critical and accurate information on breadth of services, benchmarking, market share, best practices, employee satisfaction and other factors that are critical to making strategic HR decisions.

Our team collects the data from the online and offline communities of HR professionals. Every client"s need is unique, so we create the solutions only after mapping our clients" needs against the trends, best practices and benchmarks reported by global and local HR executives.

Thus your HR unit can sort, review and dig deeper into critical industry standards and statistics, complete HR project information and business-critical data.

Our high performance recruitment quality management team combines competency-based survey and data collection methodologies and futuristic data acquisition strategy with a flexible service delivery model to bring the best out of your market intelligence investment.