Niche Hiring

In the post 2009 recession world, many IT enterprises are choosing to come out of ‘herd’ hiring mentality and embrace niche hiring.

Hiring for a position that requires a unique or eclectic mix of skills demands advanced set of screening and processing techniques to find out the right candidate.

Novo’s niche hiring services endeavors to fill these gaps in our client’s recruiting environment by bringing out unconventional mix of skills, experience and IT industry knowledge to the HR table. Our niche hiring services thrive because of

  • Stronger relationships and more powerful networks
  • Less time to ramp up since we target niche marketplace
  • Well-versed in IT lingo, niche job requirements and hiring issues
  • A robust network for your specialty
  • Experience of driving successful hiring for niche job functions

We have extensive experience in various aspects of niche marketing like segmenting candidates based on behavioral patterns, demographics etc., rather than just on skill sets.

Our team also knows that resumes rarely offer a comprehensive summarization and categorization of skills and experience. Our recruitment experts ferret out information that is not always apparent on the surface of a resume.

Along with a first class team and a quality recruitment process, what makes Novo’s efforts deliver success in niche hiring is that we keep a sharp look out on

  • Candidates’ specialty skills
  • Personnel movement within an industry
  • Market drivers that affect personnel in their target segment

Thus clients get an opportunity to leverage unique expertise of Novo’s niche staffing services and realize cost benefits and improved efficiencies throughout the recruitment process.

All our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.