Permanent Staffing

The demand for talented IT professionals is rapidly increasing in a post recession IT world. At the same time, acquiring IT talent, that’ll help recruitment department of a company maintain a competitive advantage in the market, is becoming progressively more difficult.

Recruitment department will always be under great pressure to meet bottom line targets set by company management and have trouble in hiring people, skilled in new and niche technologies. Its efforts are failing to source IT professionals with the required business skills or simply it is not able to afford them. Novo"s permanent staffing services solve the recruitment problem faced by companies around the world. By leveraging multiple channels Novo place hundreds of top-performing, highly qualified IT candidates in the hands of companies strapped for quality talent.

Thus Novo’s permanent staffing solution is well implemented to understand the needs of the clients and individuals that bring them together. Novo provides high quality permanent staffing deliverables that are tailored made to meet each client’s requirements efficiently. Our goal is to hunt individuals who can bring success, not only to themselves but to the company as a whole and thus consistently add values to clients, to candidates and to company.

Following an integrated and methodical approach coupled with well established recruitment processes, our permanent staffing process involves detailed understanding of assignment and selection of appropriate sourcing options, high end candidate assessment / validation process with reference checking and finally offering only those candidates who possess the caliber that matches the client’s requirements. This stringent process adopted to recruit high caliber candidates to our clients encompasses our specialized recruitment techniques such as Talent Mapping, Research Mapping, Executive Search, Generic Resourcing etc.

To achieve the above required results, Novo has streamlined the process that helps understand client requirement at every level and then source the right candidate tailored to their specific needs, both technically and culturally. Each client has very different sets of recruitment demands and at Novo we are prepared to fulfill all such demands. Depending on specific recruitment needs, one can choose one of the following six permanent staffing solutions we offer.

Novo takes care of the sorting, screening, interviewing all of the thousands of candidates and other nitty-gritties of IT recruitment, allowing you much required respite to concentrate on your critical IT projects and support operations.

Novo’s Permanent Staffing Benefits

  • Understand the specific demands and pressures of recruitment heads and study their vision and expectations of the required IT workforce
  • Technical assessment of candidates by internal technical panel as and when required
  • Single window approach of analytical recruitment cycle from requirement analysis to candidate joining
  • 3-tier quality recruitment processes using innovative strategies.
  • Well defined process oriented recruitment with quality deliverables
  • Intense research oriented recruitment with mapping strategies
  • Exhaustive talent hunts strategies through out-of-box recruitment initiatives
  • Implementation of quantifiable metrics / data driven recruitment standards
  • Excellent client / candidate and team relationship management

All of our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.