Recruitment Quality

In this era of globalization, the need for effective quality management in recruitment practices is becoming considerably more apparent and indispensable for IT enterprises.

Demonstrating proof of your HR department"s quality is not only important, it is often required. Managers, regulatory bodies, board members, employees and associations are asking demonstrated proof of quality more than any other time in the history of business.

Novo provides recruitment quality management services, designed and developed with over decades of IT recruitment industry experience.

We employ solution-based strategies and stress on a focus on key metrics. But we also go beyond mere statistical analyses and cost-saving measures. We formulate our plans after careful analysis of our client"s core assets, internal and external vulnerabilities and challenges.

Our Recruitment Quality Management offerings are divided into following 3 categories:

Managing recruitment cost and optimizing the recruitment budget features on top of every HR manager’s essentials list. Novo’s extensive experience in managing resources will help you not only reduce the costs but also sustain the cost benefits.

We also help you estimate and manage several other sub-recruitment costs such as recruitment event management, AD release etc.

Every IT firm, at some point or the other, suffers from a decline of resources but not many do anything to review, study and control it. Novo’s core team members have the required experience to manage, control and in many cases, reduce the resource declines. Our skilled IT resource management team also helps you identify the various reasons for decline, the prominent uncontrolled industry bane affecting project delivery considerably that will have direct bearing on annual revenue growth.

Any recruitment drive needs to be reviewed and analyzed to learn what went wrong and what went right. Novo"s multiple survey offerings help you understand how the candidates, who showed up for the interview, felt and how satisfied or dissatisfied the interview panel was when recruitment team give them services etc.

Our high performance recruitment quality management team combines competency-based methodologies and futuristic talent acquisition strategy with a flexible service delivery model to bring the best out of your investment.

Novo Recruitment Quality Management Benefits

  • Identify your IT organization"s capabilities and resources and leverage them to achieve the organization’s objectives
  • Identify and resolve any outstanding issues
  • Continually evaluate your recruitment processes
  • Detect and rectify deviations from your requirements promptly
  • Well defined process oriented recruitment with quality deliverables
  • Effective problem management process to solve problems promptly and prevented from recurring

All of our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.