Recruitment Services

Novo is a full fledged recruitment services provider with over 15 years experience in designing, developing and providing quality recruitment services with equal importance to subject matter expertise.

We are just as comfortable helping you in a benchmarking exercise to be used as a tactic to achieve and sustain growth as we are setting up and running a highly equipped help desk for your internal or external purposes. You can choose our services as they are or go for a la carte – and we"ll work with you to determine the most appropriate path to your recruitment objectives.

Thus Novo’s permanent staffing solution is well implemented to understand the needs of the clients and individuals that bring them together. Novo provides high quality permanent staffing deliverables that are tailored made to meet each client’s requirements efficiently. Our goal is to hunt individuals who can bring success, not only to themselves but to the company as a whole and thus consistently add values to clients, to candidates and to company.

Following are our offerings under our recruitment services umbrella. Click on each of the below link to know more about.

All of our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.