Referral Hiring

Every IT professional, from entry level to senior management, is looking to take advantage of a gradually improving market. As a result, job hopping and attrition are on the rise once again giving companies some serious recruitment nightmares.

One way to stop this attrition is to tap into the existing pool of employees within the company through Internal Employee Referral Hiring.

However, IT firms do not have enough resources and time to manage the referral hiring. Company would rather worry about completing the critical projects and achieving the bottom line.

Novo helps time strapped IT firms in managing their internal referral hiring process and stopping the outflow of talent while filling the key positions in the company.

We work in tandem with your HR team to process large volumes of prospective IT candidate listings from your internal talent pool.

We help you:

  • Reduce recruitment cost considerably by tapping talent with the help of existing work force
  • Increase quality and quantity talent pipeline by sourcing active and passive IT candidates within your own walls
  • Scaling your internal employee assessment and recruiting capability without expanding your recruiting work force
  • Reduce time and costs by building a pipeline of IT candidates
  • Measuring your internal talent pipeline and recruiting ROI on demand

Novo can make your the internal selection cycle shorter, satisfying all stakeholders and managing the pressure from internal and external forces to successfully complete the hiring cycles.

All our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.