Temporary Staffing

With the phenomenon of temporary staffing quickly catching up in India, IT companies are looking at greater workforce flexibility and consistent performance. Temporary staffing is especially helpful in case IT firms faces fast paced changes in the market, consumer demands and shorter project engagements. Temporary / Contract staffing meets the short term hiring needs of organizations & enables them to rapidly staff their short term / critical projects which are for fixed / known short duration. This also allows them to have minimum human resource overheads and avoid lengthy recruitment and assessment processes. As indicated by the name itself, it allows resources to work on identified critical projects for specific time period and release them back to the company from where they are staffed.This ensures that their projects are started in time which results in immense revenue growth and helps in considerable cost savings in the form of maintaining non/less bench once project gets over. This service will have the flexibility of getting resources on part-time, full-time or job sharing mode depending on the requirement of the hiring organization.

The other extension of temporary staffing is temporary to permanent staffing. This type of staffing service combines both temporary and permanent staffing. This service helps client to staff their mid term to long term projects on temporary basis for initial period of fixed duration and then take resources on board after ensuring that the project is extended to long duration and resource is also of good quality. Thus it allows client to have good resources on the board at the mid of the project and release the bad resources which would act as a safe substitute method to permanent hiring. Also during the process, client will have ample time to measure the quality of resource on both technically and non technical aspects and judge in the right direction before hiring resource. Novo has been providing premier staffing services and temporary employment opportunities in a wide range to IT clients. Our reach is national and we can provide professional staffing services to large and small IT businesses and employment to IT professionals in any situation or location.

The Temps

The workers, called ‘temps’ in the staffing industry, will work on client premises but will be on our payroll and we will manage daily time and attendance, paychecks, benefits, workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

We will also assist with disciplinary actions, performance reviews, guarantee to ensure successful performance and track and report on our performance. Different modes of temporary staffing are

Temporary staffing:

The idea and commitment behind our temporary staffing services is to enable our clients to fulfill their short-term and/or flexible IT workforce needs or for supplementing the workforce. Our IT staff can be hired on a part-time, full-time or job sharing basis.

Temporary-to-permanent services:

We offer our clients to hire IT associates as temporary employees for a trial period; following which, if our clients are satisfied, they can add the temporary worker to their permanent staff. This means the worker will be moving from Novo’s payroll to that of client.

Long-term contract:

We also offer employees on assignments for long-term and indefinite periods of time for IT enterprises.

Each client has very different sets of temporary staffing demands and at Novo we are prepared to fulfill all such demands. Depending on your staffing recruitment needs, you can choose one of the following three staffing solutions we offer.

How we source and recruit temp workers

Novo does extensive screening, recruiting, interviewing and reference checking well in advance, which makes for easy and efficient temporary staffing solutions.

Different ways of sourcing

  • Extensive contacts and connections with the people who work the IT industry
  • Participation in industry events, national and local professional associations
  • Encouraging virtual communities
  • Traditional job fairs and staffing and recruiting events

We have a large inventory of potential candidates and can more quickly turn around this talent to fill your needs. Our best IT personnel also provide us with regular referrals.

How we source and recruit temp workers

Novo does extensive screening, recruiting, interviewing and reference checking well in advance, which makes for easy and efficient temporary staffing solutions.

Novo Advantage

  • Save time, reduce costs, reduce risk and increase flexibility
  • Reduce Payroll, Tax, Benefit related issues and maintain controlled budget
  • Manage project overflow, peak periods and special assignments
  • Increase responsiveness to external and internal customers
  • Reduce burden of recruiting, hiring and paying contingent workers
  • Keep permanent staff focused on more challenging, interesting and substantive work
  • Reduce employee overheads by supplementing core staff with contract employees
  • Advantage of flexible pricing options to save money
  • Manage department or unit more efficiently and effectively
  • Reduce unemployment exposure, worker’s compensation exposure, project bench

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As temporary staffing grows in India, the IT sector takes the lead in adopting and making the model work and be a trendsetter in the country. Novo’s experience, bandwidth and resources have firmly established us as one of the fastest growing temporary employment agencies in the nation.

All of our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.