Ethics & Core Values

Values and ethics are central to any organization; Values can be defined as those things that are important to or valued by someone who can be an individual or, collectively, an organization. Since its inception in 1996, Novo builds relations with various personalities in the industry that has made top management and staff members to create a platform to build strong base on ethics and core values, which has emerged right from the existence. This guidance force has brought all of Novo’s people on one platform that leads in to the same direction.

These people are dedicating to date to further the purposes set forth by founders. This is achieved through well defined code of ethics and a set of core values that has been constant throughout. These ethics and core values are what set Novo apart from the others in the service industry.

We remain steadfast to these values which have brought all of us together as a team and have helped us achieve best in our endeavors. Only those who have understood the significance of these values have survived through point in time to go past the unabated challenges.

Code of Ethics

  • Treat each other with esteem and dignity.
  • Offer unbiased and candid solutions to problems.
  • Offer an environment for everyone to excel.
  • Foster a culture that reflects unity and creativity.
  • Recognize diversity in human societies and present unbiased and faithful reflection of the same in our professional services.
  • Own up when a mistake occurs, correct it without a delay and learn from it so that we can ensure that it does not recur.
  • Treat our candidates with due respect and address every candidate with due attention and dignity.
  • Promote a creative mindset to the work that we do.
  • Stress the importance of appropriate discipline in our pursuit of excellence.

Core Values

  • Value added services to ensure client satisfaction with full commitment.
  • Transparent services built with mutual trust and integrity leading to long lasting relationship.
  • Respect the privacy of our employees and their families
  • Function and succeed together, sharing collective responsibility for our clients’ satisfaction.
  • Provide learning environment to employees with career growth strategies.