Multi-Location Multi-Skill Hiring

Large IT companies usually find the processing and recruiting of large number of candidates in a single location tricky. Also, companies need IT personnel with multiple skills for the same project. And since most projects" worth run into millions, they usually work in a time strapped environment. This has given rise to a process called Multi-Location Multi-Skill Hiring in the recent years.

Novo has extensive experience in Multi-Location Multi-Skill hiring process wherein our team conducts simultaneous recruitment drives across different locations in the country for different IT skills.

Our Multi-Location Multi-Skill hiring helps you:

  • Ensure that volume hiring is done in shortest time
  • Gain access to various IT skills to run multiple projects
  • Analyze a candidate"s skill sets, personality and experience to help you make smarter hiring decisions in multiple locations
  • Reduce costs associated with by hiring fast and in bulk

Novo team will assume all efforts associated with Multi-Location Multi-Skill hiring including ad placement, reviewing resume, networking, pre-qualifying and pre-screening candidates. We act as a liaison between you and the prospect taking care of everything from interviewing and background reference checks in multiple locations to extending and closing offers on your behalf on the same day.

All our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.