Volume Hiring

Large IT enterprises with tens to hundreds of branches or offices usually require professionals in large numbers to address their ever growing, critical and high end delivery oriented challenging projects with stiff deadlines. The best hiring option in this situation would be to organize a mass recruitment drive.

But synchronizing tasks, information and status between candidates, recruiters and managers during mass recruitment drive is usually cumbersome and most of the time, IT companies need to bring in outside help to manage. Novo’s volume hiring services endeavor to add value to such client’s mass recruitment drive by being the extra hand they would need at such times.

Our team of recruiters can manage your volume hiring drive from start to finish - from getting candidates to show up to handing out the offer letter. We make sure that the role of each contributor in a volume hiring drive is supported for maximum effectiveness.

Proprietary Database

Novo has one of the widest and most refined databases of prospective IT employees, which we leverage for our client"s volume recruitment drive. This ensures the widest possible search for the best IT prospects and also means a quick solution for your volume staffing needs.

Advertising and Media

Novo has access to a team of skilled advertising professionals who can come up with highly creative and strategic advertisement concepts that drive considerable responses to the positions being advertised.

In addition, we also make sure that the advertisements draw your company to medias attention and the prospective candidates in a positive and encouraging way.

Screening and Selection

Our screening and selection processes help the client company managers instantly identify when a top candidate comes in the radar. As soon as this happens, the manager can push requisitions to Novo’s recruiters immediately upon approval.

With Novo‘s permanent staffing services, your volume hiring drive can acquire a systematic talent management process that will drastically reduce your cost-per-hire and time-to-fill.

All of our services are capable of scaling according to your needs and situational demands any time in the future.